W5RRR 80′ Tower takedown and makeover

W5RRR 80′ tower is undergoing a major makeover on August 25th.  Rusted sections of Rohn 45G tower sections will be replaced with newer pieces.  The guying system will undergo an update with new hardware and rescued brackets.  A newly rebuilt Ham IV rotor and a HyGain TH7DX tri-bander (10/15/20m) will be installed, replacing our tired and broken 20m and 15m monobanders.

The club is looking for any and all volunteers will to help out on either this weekend on August 19 for prep work (TH7DX and tower pre-assembly ) and on August 25 for the whole tower/antenna disassembly and reassembly.

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Notes from the Secretary

50th Anniversary News and 80 Foot Tower Renovation Hello from the JSC Amateur Radio Club! 50th Anniversary News Recently, JSCARC’s Treasurer Ken Goodwin, K5RG, was interviewed by Amateur Radio Newsline. Ken discussed our 50th Anniversary celebration with AR Newline’s Paul Braun, WD9GCO. To hear the entire interview, please visit: http://www.arnewsline.org and listen to Report #2076. … Read more

SSTV for ARISS 20th anniversary

N5FWB, successfully downloaded ARISS Slow Scan TV pictures a couple of weekends ago using his TS-2000, Signalink interface and a 2 meter ssb horizontal loop.  Is is just one of several he successfully received.  Nice job, Jerry.

In commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of ARISS, Slow Scan Television (SSTV) images were transmitted using a computer on the ISS Russian Segment, which stores images that are then transmitted to Earth using the ham radio, specifically the onboard Kenwood TM-D710 transceiver. The event was only a few days long concluding at 18:00 UT on Monday, July 24.

The 20 year history of ARISS was celebrated with the pictures of 12 unique images showing the amazing accomplishments of ARISS over the last two decades. SSTV signals were be sent to earth at 145.800 MHz using FM.

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