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50th Anniversary News and 80 Foot Tower Renovation

Hello from the JSC Amateur Radio Club!

50th Anniversary News

Recently, JSCARC’s Treasurer Ken Goodwin, K5RG, was interviewed by Amateur Radio Newsline. Ken discussed our 50th Anniversary celebration with AR Newline’s Paul Braun, WD9GCO.

To hear the entire interview, please visit: and listen to Report #2076.

Tower Work

Earlier this year, on 25 May, the 80 foot tower was surveyed using a drone, many thanks to N8MTV.   A lot of very good pictures came out of that work, and allowed a fairly close visual inspection of the tower and antenna conditions. What we saw was not encouraging, and a decision was made to pursue “getting this fixed”. On 16 Jun or so, the Club took a giant step forward when we were able to obtain at a very reasonable cost a fully intact and in pristine condition TH7DX from super ham Bryon/W5FH. This antenna is a 7 element tribander 10/15/20 beam and will replace our 15/20m monobanders. Then, on 16 Jul, KG5HOK was able to procure 60 feet of 45G Rohn tower sections in good to very good condition. In the meantime, N5FWB has been able to arrange for crane and bucket support to facilitate tower take-down and re-erection.

Yes, you heard correctly; we are planning to take down, refit, and re-erect the Club’s 80 foot tower!

Fast forward to this coming Saturday, 19 Aug 17 … on that day a number of Club members will be out at the Shack, some folks working on antenna assembly, some folks on tower section inspection and line-up, and so forth. As one might imagine, we have a lot of ground work to do in preparation for this exciting and important work effort. We’ll need all the willing pairs of hands we can muster for this prep work. Guaranteed, those folks who show up will have something to do that will be important and will help the Club be successful, even if only for an hour or so. We’ll be starting around 0800-ish …

But Saturday is only the staging effort; the BIG DAY is scheduled for 25 August. On that day, the plan is to physically take down the tower, or at least most of the sections, inspect, clean and possibly paint, and/or replace sections as necessary, dismount the older 15/20m monoband antennas (or what’s left of them, anyway!), mount the new triband TH7DX, string the coax and rotor electrical cabling with strain relief as necessary, raise the tower back into position, and attach and tension the guy lines. As one might guess, we’ll need as many willing pairs of hands as we can muster. Plan on coming out and be a part of this incredible and historic Club event.

With our 50th Anniversary event, 13 – 15 October, on the horizon, having the 80 foot tower renovated with a spanking new TH7DX antenna on top of it will be sweet, indeed!


Bob Scully
Secretary, JSC ARC

P.S.: Now I might add that if, heaven forbid something happens to delay this activity, we’ll be taking another run at this on 8 September.

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