Status as of 6/22
















* Everyone is welcome to come at any times. We’ll work you into the operator rotation

* We are not seeking to be competitive, but to improve our operational skills for all members (esp Technician class)

Saturday June 24th

  • 11:00 AM Debrief, Operator assignments and checkout of stations
  • 1:00 PM Start
  • 5:00+ PM Supper courtesy of CLARC

Sunday June 25th

  • 1:00 PM End and Cleanup

Each station can accommodate 2 persons:

  1. Operator
  2. Logger using N3FJP software

Stations will be asked to temporarily stand down for:

  • Special guests (public, scouts, newbies, etc)
  • Generator refueling


EC1AME from Spain will be visiting us during FD. He runs a huge station


  • The IC-781 is removed for repair
  • The 80′ tower rotor control is broken
  • The broken back door lock is fixed!
  • The 20m Yagi antenna is sick and will not be used
  • We will use EU3000i generator for W5RRR and 2x EU2000i generators for CLARC
  • JSCARC and CLARC will share a token board, used to “checkout” non-interfering operating frequencies
  • Back wall tables will be staged for famous CLARC supper
  • Additional tables added for 2 more stations

QUESTIONS?   Dave, W5OC Cell 713 854 4377

Status as of 6/15

Hello from the JSC Amateur Radio Club

In addition to the 1st training session this Saturday June 17 from 0900-1000, for the week of June 12-15, training will be available by an appointment request to

Training can be provided during lunchtime 1130-1300 and after work 1700-1800 (or later if requested).

If none of these opportunities fits your hectic schedules, please just show up during Field Day, and a quick overview and real-time training session can be organized.

  • Training may include:
  • Description of Field Day event
  • Tour/description of W5RRR shack configuration
  • How to operate the radios
  • How to pass “traffic” or “exchange” between other operators
  • How to use the computer logging software
  • How to partner with another operator
  • How to use the token board
  • Simulation exercise

Remember: Just over 9 days to Field Day!


Bob Scully


Secretary, JSC ARC


  • Maximize club team building and participation
  • “B-game” Public Relations effort
  • Extend full Red Carpet hosting to Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club (CLARC) partners
  • Repair, modify, update, test and add new capabilities to W5RRR shack stations/antennas.
  • Improve operational and mindful readiness for emergency operations


W5RRR Configuration under consideration

  • Station 1:  20m SSB w/ 80′ yagi (FT1000D)
  • Station 2:  15m40m  SSB w/ 80′ yagi (IC-781)
  • Station 3:  20m/40m DIGITAL w/ R5 vertical (TS-950)
  • Station 4:  10-20m CW w/ Hexbeam (K2 and/or TBD)
  • Station 5:  Reserved for Scouts/Visitors/Get-On-The-Air TBD w/ Windom (F100D or FT1000MP)
  • Station 6:  6m SSB TS2000x w/ 6m Halo
  • Station 7:  2m SSB/FM IC-275a w/ crossbeam yagi


  • Antenna 1:  15m 2 el yagi on 80′ tower
  • Antenna 2:  20m 4 el yagi on 80′ tower
  • Antenna 3:  10-40m R5 Vertical
  • Antenna 4:  10-20m Hexbeam
  • Antenna 5:  10-40m Windom
  • Antenna 6:  6m Halo
  • Antenna 7:  2m 24 el crossbeam yagi
  • Antenna 8: 40M Inverted Vee (or sloper)