Mr. Murphy arrives early

Suspect Beta feed match on 20m yagi
90 degree bend on coax + 2 missing elements on 15m yagi

It’s not even field day, but Murphy’s Law has arrived.

  1. The W5RRR shack back doorlatch is broken. Completely kaput.
  2. The 20m Yagi has degraded to the point there is no discernable resonance and the defective feed connection is causing splatter during transmit.
  3. The 15m Yagi has now gotten worse. Resonance has shifted to 21.7MHz.
  4. The IC-781 is broken again. Intermittent TX and RX. Perhaps lose internal connector.
  5. On the antenna patch panel, the SO-239 threads assigned to the 15m antenna have worn down. All PL-259 push-on connector shells make unacceptable contact. Not a big deal but needs attention.
    IC-781 something intermittent causing TX and RX noise crackle

    Tired old door lack decides to give up
Threads on SO-239 connector have worn down. Push-on PL-259 shell connectors now glide on with little contact.

Let’s hope Murphy won’t return before FD…


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